Digest Emails

Digest Emails are periodic snapshots sent to your organization via email that include high-level information about how your business is performing.

Navigate to Digest Emails by going to Settings ‣ General Settings ‣ Statistics, then activate the Digest Emails feature and click on save.

Digest Emails section inside General Settings.

You can control a variety of settings for your Digest Emails, such as:

  • which KPIs are shared in the Digest

  • how often Digest Emails are sent

  • who in your organization receives Digest Emails

  • creating custom Digest Email templates

  • adding additional KPIs (Studio required)


By default, Digest Email is enabled, and Your Flectra Periodic Digest serves as the primary template, which includes all KPI measurements across your Flectra database and is sent daily to administrators.

Customize Your Flectra Periodic Digest

To customize the default Digest Email (Your Flectra Periodic Digest), go to Settings ‣ General Settings ‣ Statistics ‣ Digest Email, select Your Flectra Periodic Digest and click on the external link next to the dropdown selection.

A popup window appears and presents a variety of editable settings, which include:

  • Digest Title - what you want your Digest Email to be called

  • Periodicity - control the regimen in how often Digest Emails are sent

  • KPIs - check/uncheck each calculated KPI that appears in Digest Emails

  • Recipients - add/remove users who receive your Digest Emails

  • Custom - add your own KPIs (Studio required)

Customize default Digest Email settings and custom KPIs.

Custom digest emails

To do so, click on Configure Digest Emails and then Create.

From there, give your Digest Email a title, specify periodicity, and choose your desired KPIs and recipients fields as needed.

After you click Save, your new custom Digest Email is available as a selection in the General Settings dropdown menu.

Custom KPIs with Studio

For either Your Flectra Periodic Digest or your own custom Digest Email, you can add your own KPIs by using Flectra Studio.

To begin, click the Toggle Studio icon or click the Recipients tab and then the ellipses … icon ‣ Add Custom Field to edit the template or add additional fields.

In order to create additional fields, you must create two fields on the digest object:

  1. create a boolean field called kpi_myfield and display it in the KPIs tab

  2. create a computed field called kpi_myfield_value that computes your customized KPI

  3. select your KPI(s) in the KPIs tab.

Computed values reference table



Connected Users


Messages Sent


New Leads


Opportunities Won


Open Tasks


Tickets Closed


% of Happiness


Conversations handled


Time to answer (sec)


All Sales


eCommerce Sales




Bank & Cash Moves


POS Sales


New Employees