Multiple sales teams

Flectra lets you manage several sales teams, departments, or channels, each with their own unique sales processes, using Sales Teams.

Create a new Sales Team

To create a new Sales Team, go to CRM ‣ Sales ‣ Teams then click Create.

On the creation page, set an Email Alias to automatically generate a lead/opportunity for this Sales Team every time a message is sent to that unique email address. You can also choose whether to accept emails from Everyone, Authenticated Partners, or Followers Only.

Set a Domain to assign leads/opportunities to this Sales Team based on specific filters, such as country, language, or campaign. Set an Invoicing Target if this team has specific monthly revenue goals.

Create a Sales Team in Flectra CRM.

Add members to a Sales Team

To add team members, click Add under the Assignment tab when editing the Sales Team’s configuration page. Select a salesperson from the dropdown menu or create new salesperson. Set a maximum number of leads that can be assigned to this salesperson in a 30-day period to ensure that they do not overwork.

Add a Salesperson inside Flectra CRM.

One person can be added as a team member or Team Leader to multiple Sales Teams, allowing them to access all of the pipelines that they need to.

Sales Team dashboard

To view the Sales Team dashboard, go to CRM ‣ Sales ‣ Teams. Any teams you are a part of will appear as dashboard tiles.

Each tile gives an overview of the Sales Team’s open opportunities, quotations, sales orders, and expected revenue, as well as a bar graph of new opportunities per week and an invoicing progress bar.

Sales Team Overview dashboard in Flectra CRM.

Click on the three dots in the corner of a tile to open a navigational menu that lets you quickly view documents or reports, create new quotations or opportunities, pick a color for this team, or access its configuration page.

Click the Three Dot Menu in Flectra CRM dashboard to view documents and create opportunities.

Click on the Pipeline button to go directly to that team’s CRM pipeline.