Lead mining

Lead mining is a feature that allows CRM users to generate new leads directly into their Flectra database. To ensure lead qualification, lead mining output is determined by a variety of filtering criteria, such as the country, the company size, and the industry.


To get started, go to CRM ‣ Configuration ‣ Settings and activate Lead Mining.

Activate lead mining in Flectra CRM settings.

Generate leads

After the Lead Mining setting is activated, a new button called Generate Leads is available to use in the CRM pipeline. Lead mining requests are also available through CRM ‣ Configuration ‣ Lead Mining Requests, or through CRM ‣ Leads ‣ Leads where the Generate Leads button is also available.

The Generate Leads button to use the lead mining feature.

Click on the Generate Leads button, and a window will appear offering a variety of criteria by which to generate leads.

The pop-up window with the selection criteria in order to generate leads in Flectra.

Choose to generate leads for Companies to get company information only, or choose Companies and their Contacts to get company information as well as individual employee contact information. When targeting Companies and their Contacts, there is an option to filter contacts based on Role or Seniority.

Additional filtering options include:

  • Size: filter leads based on the number of employees at the company

  • Countries: filter leads based on the country (or countries) they are located in

  • States: further filter leads based on the state they are located in, if applicable

  • Industries: filter leads based on the specific industry they work in

  • Sales Team: choose which Sales Team the leads will be assigned to

  • Salesperson: choose which person(s) on the Sales Team the leads will be assigned to

  • Default Tags: choose which tags are applied directly to the leads once found


Make sure to be aware of the latest EU regulations when receiving contact information. Get more information about the General Data Protection Regulation on Flectra GDPR.


Lead mining is an In-App Purchase feature and each generated lead costs one credit.

Choosing to generate Companies and their Contacts costs one additional credit for each contact generated.


See here for full pricing information: Lead Generation by Flectra IAP.

To buy credits, navigate to CRM ‣ Configuration ‣ Settings. In the Lead Generation section, under the Lead Mining feature, click on Buy Credits.

Buy credits from the lead mining settings.