Quality Control

Whether you want to control the quality of your production, or the production of your subcontractor, before registering the products into your stock, you can rely on Flectra’s Quality module.

To control the quality of your production, you need to set a Quality Control Point on the Manufacturing Operation Type, as shown below. To create it, Go to Quality ‣ Quality Control ‣ Control Points, and click Create. If the check only applies to specific products, or product categories, you can specify these during the setup as well.


Regarding the reception of subcontracted products, instead of the Manufacturing Operation Type, you need to select the ‘Receipts’ Operation type. For the rest, the same principles apply.


By doing so, a quality check is automatically created each time a finished product is made and/or received. Note that several Quality Check Types can be chosen from the dropdown. Note also that several Quality Check Points can be set up for the same Operation Type.