In-App Purchase (IAP)

In-App Purchases (IAP) gives access to additional services through Flectra. For instance, it allows you to send SMS Text Messages or to send Invoices by post directly from my database.

Buying Credits

Each IAP Service relies on prepaid credits to work and has its own pricing. To consult my current balance or to recharge my account, go to Settings ‣ Flectra IAP ‣ View my Services.



If I am on Flectra Online and have the Professional version, I benefit from free credits to test our IAP features.

IAP accounts

Credits to use IAP services are stored on IAP accounts, which are specific to each service and database. By default, IAP accounts are common to all companies, but can be restricted to specific ones. Activate the developer mode, then go to Technical Settings ‣ IAP Account.


Get notified when credits are low

To be notified when it’s time to recharge my credits, I’ll go to my IAP Portal through Settings app ‣ Flectra IAP ‣ View my Services, unfold a service and mark the Receive threshold warning option. Then, I’ll provide a minimum amount of credits and email addresses. Now, every time that the limit is reached, an automatic reminder will be sent to by email!


IAP services available

Different services are available depending on the hosting type of your Database:

  • Flectra Online: only the IAP services provided by Flectra can be used (i.e. the SMS, Snailmail, Reveal and Partner Autocomplete features);

  • and Flectra Professional (on-premise): both the services provided by Flectra and by third-party apps can be used.

Offering my own services

I am more than welcome to offer my own IAP services through Flectra Apps! It is the perfect opportunity to get recurring revenue for an ongoing service use rather than — and possibly instead of — a sole initial purchase. Please, find more information at: Provide IAP services.