Forecast future bills to pay

In Flectra, you can manage payments by setting automatic Payments Terms and follow-ups.

Configuration: payment terms

In order to track vendor conditions, we use Payment Terms in Flectra. They allow keeping track of due dates on invoices. Examples of Payment Terms are:

  • 50% within 30 days

  • 50% within 45 days

To create them, go to Accounting ‣ Configuration ‣ Invoicing: Payment Terms and click on Create to add new terms or click existing ones to modify them.

Once Payment Terms are defined, you can assign them to your vendor by default. To do so, go to Vendors ‣ Vendors, select a vendor, click the Sales & Purchase tab, and select a specific Payment Term. This way, every time you purchase from this vendor, Flectra automatically proposes the chosen Payment Term.


If you do not set a specific Payment Term on a vendor, you can still set one on the vendor bill.

Forecast bills to pay with the aged payable report

To track amounts to be paid to the vendors, use the Aged Payable report. To access it, go to Accounting ‣ Reporting ‣ Partner Reports: Aged Payable. This report gives you a summary per vendor of the amounts to pay, compared to their due date (the due date being computed on each bill using the terms). This report tells you how much you will have to pay within the following months.

Select bills to pay

You can get a list of all your vendor bills by going to Vendors ‣ Bills. To view only the bills that you need to pay, click Filters ‣ Bills to Pay. To view only overdue payments, select the Overdue filter instead.

You can also group bills by their due date by clicking Group By ‣ Due Date and selecting a time period.