Website analytics with

To follow your website’s traffic with

  • Create a account if you don’t have any.

  • Create your website and Start collecting data if it is not already done.

  • Go through the list of your websites and click on the gear icon.

    Click on cog icon in the list of websites
  • Click on the button + New Link in the tab Visibility to create your Shared links.

    Adding a shared link in the Visibility tab
  • Choose a name (and NO password - it is not supported to embed it in Flectra) and click on the button Create Shared Link.

    Credentials creation for the new shared link
  • Copy the new Shared Link URL from and paste it into the Settings of Flectra.

    Copy the shared link URL from Paste the shared link URL to Flectra settings


  • You are on the Flectra Online Platform
    When you create your Flectra Online database, we create it for you on our own server. You don’t have anything to do.
  • What about the Goal?
    Flectra pushes out-of-the-box custom events: Lead Generation and Shop.