Forum and eLearning


To go above and beyond email, live chat, web forms, and phone lines, offer your customers a support forum. This way, customers might become more attached to your company as they would be investing time to get into details of your business. You also encourage the exchange of experiences and knowledge, supporting the feeling of belonging to a community (your community!).

Set up

Go to Helpdesk ‣ Configuration ‣ Helpdesk Team.

Overview of the settings page of a helpdesk team emphasizing the help center feature in Flectra Helpdesk

Create, or edit a forum by clicking on the external link. Among the editing options, choose if you would like the Forum Mode to be Questions: only one answer is allowed per question or Discussions: multiple answers are allowed per question.

Overview of a forum’s settings page in Flectra Helpdesk

From now on, logged in users can start their discussions. To keep track of posts, go to Website ‣ Forum ‣ Posts.

Overview of the Forums page of a website to show the available ones in Flectra Helpdesk


In addition to a forum, offer online courses. When doing so, you link your customers and users’ needs and questions to useful content, helping to boost efficiency as they can also find their answers there.

Set up

Go to Helpdesk ‣ Configuration ‣ Helpdesk Teams and enable eLearning.

Overview of the settings page of a customer care team emphasizing the feature elearning in Flectra Helpdesk

Once the structure and content of your course are ready, Publish it by clicking on Unpublished.

View of a course being published for Flectra Helpdesk

To keep track of your course statistics, go to eLearning and View Course.

View of the elearning applications dashboard for Flectra Helpdesk