Pay several bills at once

Flectra offers the possibility of grouping multiple bills’ payments into one, facilitating the reconciliation process.

Group payments

To register the payment of multiple bills at once, go to Accounting app ‣ Vendors ‣ Bills. Then, select the bills you wish to register a payment for by ticking the boxes next to the bills. When done, either click Register Payment or Action ‣ Register Payment.

Register payment button.


Payments can only be registered for posted bills.

When registering the payments, a pop-up window appears. From here, you can either create separate payments for each bill all at once by clicking Create Payment, or create one payment by combining all bills’ payments. To combine all payments, tick the Group Payments box.


The Group Payments option only appears when selecting two or more bills.

Group payments options when registering a payment.

When selecting Group Payments, the amount, currency, date and memo are all set automatically, but you can modify them according to your needs.

Partial group payments with cash discounts

In case of partial group payments with cash discounts, you can follow the steps found on the cash discount documentation page. Make sure to apply the payment terms to the bills instead of the invoices.