Stripe is a United States-based online payment solution provider, allowing businesses to accept credit cards and other payment methods.

Fill in your credentials

In case your API Credentials are required to connect with your Stripe account, these are the credentials that must be completed:

  • Publishable Key: The key solely used to identify the account with Stripe.

  • Secret Key: The key to sign the merchant account with Stripe.

  • Webhook Signing Secret: When you enable your webhook on your Stripe account, this signing secret must be set to authenticate the messages sent from Stripe to Flectra.

To retrieve the publishable and secret keys, follow this link to your API keys, or log into your Stripe dashboard and go to Developers ‣ API Keys ‣ Standard Keys.

Generate a webhook

In case your Webhook Signing Secret is required to connect with your Stripe account, you can create a webhook either automatically or manually.

Make sure your Publishable and Secret keys are filled in, then click on the Generate your Webhook button.


To update the webhook, click once again on the Generate your Webhook button.

Configuration tab

Place a hold on a card

Stripe allows you to capture an amount manually instead of having an immediate capture. This feature earmarks an amount on the customer’s account for a determined period of time that depends on the payment method used.

To set it up, enable the Capture Amount Manually option on Flectra, as explained in the payment providers documentation.


When the manual capture feature is activated, your customers are not able to proceed with any payment if unsupported payment methods are selected.


Flectra doesn’t support the partial capture yet. Be aware that a partial capture from Stripe’s interface is still managed as a full capture by Flectra.

Enable local payment methods

Local payment methods are payment methods that are only available for certain merchants and customers countries and currencies.

Flectra supports the following local payment methods:

  • Bancontact

  • EPS

  • giropay

  • iDEAL

  • Przelewy24 (P24)

To enable some of these local payment methods with Stripe, list them as supported payment icons. To do so, go to Payment Providers ‣ Stripe ‣ Configuration and add the desired payment methods in the Supported Payment Icons field. If the desired payment method is already listed, you don’t have anything to do.

Select and add icons of the payment methods you want to enable


  • If a payment icon record does not exist in the database and its related local payment method is listed above, it is considered enabled with Stripe.

  • If a local payment method is not listed above, it is not supported and cannot be enabled.

Enable express checkout

After ticking the Allow Express Checkout checkbox, Google Pay is enabled out of the box, but Apple Pay requires extra steps: You must register your web domain with Apple. This can be done either automatically from Flectra, or manually from Stripe.

  1. Navigate to your payment provider and make sure that it is enabled.

  2. Go to the Configuration tab and click on the Enable Apple Pay button. A notification shows that the web domain was successfully registered with Apple.


This operation must be repeated whenever your web domain changes.