Managing BoMs for product variants

Flectra allows one bill of materials (BoM) to be used for multiple variants of the same product. Having a consolidated BoM for a product with variants saves time by preventing the need to manage multiple BoMs.

Activate product variants

To activate variants, simply navigate to Inventory ‣ Configuration ‣ Settings ‣ Products, and then enable the Variants option. After that, click Save to apply the setting. For more information on configuring product variants, refer to this page.

Selecting "Variants" from Inventory app settings.

Apply BoM components to product variants

Next, create a new BoM or edit an existing one by going to Manufacturing ‣ Products ‣ Bills of Materials. Then, click Edit. The Apply on Variants option to assign components to specific product variants on the BoM is available once the Variants setting is activated from the Inventory application. If the Apply on Variants field is not immediately visible, activate it from the additional options menu.

"Apply on Variants" option on the additional options menu.

Each component can be assigned to multiple variants. Components with no variants specified are used in every variant of the product. The same principle applies when configuring operations and by-products.

When defining variant BoMs by component assignment, the Product Variant field in the main section of the BoM should be left blank, as shown below. This field is used only when creating a BoM specifically for one product variant.

Applying components to multiple variants.