Enrich your contacts base with Partner Autocomplete

Parter Autocomplete helps you to enrich your contacts database with corporate data. Select one of the companies suggested in the dropdown, and quickly get all the information you need.


Go to Settings ‣ Contacts and activate the Partner Autocomplete feature.

View of settings page and the activations of the feature in Flectra

Enrich your contacts with corporate data

From any module, once you start to create a new contact typing the name of it, the system will suggest a potential match. If you select it, the contact will be populated with corporate data.
For example, after typing Flectra, you will get the following information:
Creating a new contact in Flectra View of the information being shown about flectra with the autocomplete option in Flectra


Partner Autocomplete also works if you enter a VAT number instead of a company name.


Partner Autocomplete is an In-App Purchase (IAP) service, which requires prepaid credits to be used. Each request will consume one credit.
To buy credits, go to Settings ‣ Contacts ‣ Partner Autocomplete or Flectra IAP ‣ View My Services and select a package.


  • If you run out of credits, the only information that will be populated when clicking on the suggested company will be the website link and the logo.

  • If you are on Flectra Online and you have the Professional version, you benefit from free trial credits to test the feature.

  • Learn about our Privacy Policy here.