AsiaPay is an online payments provider established in Hong Kong and covering several Asian countries and payment methods.

Configuration on AsiaPay Dashboard

  1. Log into AsiaPay Dashboard and go to Profile ‣ Account Information. Copy the values of the Currency and Secure Hash fields and save them for later.

  2. Go to Profile ‣ Payment Account Settings and enable the options Return Value Link (Datefeed)
    Enter your Flectra database URL followed by /payment/asiapay/webhook in the Return Value Link (Datefeed) text field.
    For example:
    Click on Test to check if the webhook is working correctly.
  3. Click on Update to finalize the configuration.

Configuration on Flectra

  1. Navigate to the payment provider AsiaPay and change its state to Enabled.

  2. In the Credentials tab, fill the Merchant ID, Currency, and Secure Hash Secret with the values you saved at the step Configuration on AsiaPay Dashboard.
    By default, the payment provider AsiaPay is configured to verify the secret hash with the hash function SHA1. If a different function is set on your account, activate the developer mode and set the same value to the field Secure Hash Function in Flectra.
  3. Configure the rest of the options to your liking.