Razorpay is an online payments provider established in India and covering more than 100 payment methods.

Configuration on Razorpay Dashboard

  1. Log into Razorpay Dashboard and go to Settings ‣ API Keys. Generate the new keys and copy the values of the Key Id and Secret Key fields and save them for later.

  2. Go to Settings ‣ Webhooks, click on Create New Webhook, and enter your Flectra database URL followed by /payment/razorpay/webhook in the Webhook URL text field.
    For example: https://example.flectra.com/payment/razorpay/webhook.
  3. Fill the Secret field with a password of your choice and save it for later.

  4. Make sure the payment.authorized, payment.captured, payment.failed, refund.failed and refund.processed checkboxes are ticked.

  5. Click on Create Webhook to finalize the configuration.

Configuration on Flectra

  1. Navigate to the payment provider Razorpay and change its state to Enabled.

  2. In the Credentials tab, fill the Key Id, Key Secret, and Webhook Secret with the values you saved at the step Configuration on Razorpay Dashboard.

  3. Configure the rest of the options to your liking.


If you configure Flectra to capture amounts manually:

  • Be aware that the manual voiding of a transaction is not supported by Razorpay.

  • After five days, if the transaction hasn’t been captured yet, it’ll automatically be voided.