Silverfin integration

Silverfin is a third-party service provider that offers a cloud platform for accountants.

Flectra and Silverfin provide an integration to automate the synchronization of data.


To configure this integration, you need to input the following data into your Silverfin account:

  • user’s email address

  • Flectra API key

  • URL of the Flectra database

  • name of your Flectra database

Flectra API key

You can create Flectra external API keys either for a single database (hosting: Flectra Online, On-premise, and or for multiple databases managed by a user (hosting: Flectra Online).


  • These API keys are personal and provide full access to your user account. Store it securely.

  • You can copy the API key only at its creation, and you cannot retrieve it later.

  • If you need it again, create a new API key (and delete the old one).

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One key per database

To create a new API key valid for a single database, click on the user menu, then on My Profile. Under the Account Security tab, click on New API key, confirm your password, give a descriptive name to your new key, and copy the new API key.

creation of an Flectra external API key for a database

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