Create Timesheets upon Time Off Validation

Flectra automatically timesheets on project/tasks upon time off requests. This allows for better overall control over the validation of timesheets, as it does not leave place for forgetfulness and questions after hours that have not been timesheeted by the employee.

Activate the developer mode, go to Timesheets, and change the Project and Task set by default, if you like.

View of Timesheets setting enabling the feature record time off in Flectra Timesheets

Go to Time Off ‣ Configuration ‣ Time Off Types. Select or create the needed type, and decide if you would like the requests to be validated or not.

View of a time off types form emphasizing the time off requests and timesheets section in Flectra Time Off
Now, once the employee has requested his time off and the request has been validated (or not, depending on the setting chosen), the time is automatically allocated on Timesheets, under the respective project and task.
On the example below, the user requested Paid Time off from July 13th to 15th.
View of the time off request form in Flectra Time Off

Considering that validation is not required, the requested time off is automatically displayed in Timesheets. If validation is necessary, the time is automatically allocated after the responsible person for validating does it so.

Click on the magnifying glass, hovering over the concerned cell, to access all the aggregated data on that cell (day), and see details regarding the project/task.

View of the details of a project/task in Flectra Timeheets