Pay by checks

Once you decide to pay a supplier bill, you can select to pay by check. You can then print all the payments registered by check. Finally, the bank reconciliation process will match the checks you sent to suppliers with actual bank statements.


Activate checks payment methods

To activate the checks payment method, go to Accounting ‣ Configuration ‣ Checks, there you can activate the payment method as well as set up the Check Layout. Once activated the Checks setting, the feature is automatically setup for your Outgoing Payments.


Some countries require specific modules to print checks; such modules may be installed by default. For instance, the U.S. Checks Layout module is required to print U.S. checks.

Compatible check stationery for printing checks

United States

For the United States, Flectra supports by default the check formats of:

  • Quickbooks & Quicken: check on top, stubs in the middle and bottom;

  • Peachtree: check in the middle, stubs on top and bottom;

  • ADP: check in the bottom, and stubs on the top.

Pay a supplier bill with a check

Paying a supplier with a check is done in three steps:

  1. registering a payment

  2. printing checks in batch for all registered payments

  3. reconciling bank statements

Register a payment by check

To register a payment, open any supplier bill from the menu Purchases ‣ Vendor Bills. Once the supplier bill is validated, you can register a payment. Set the Payment Method to Checks and validate the payment.