Portal access

Portal access is given to users who need the ability to view certain documents or information within an Flectra database.

Some common use cases for providing portal access include allowing customers to read/view any or all of the following in Flectra:

  • leads/opportunities

  • quotations/sales orders

  • purchase orders

  • invoices & bills

  • projects

  • tasks

  • timesheets

  • tickets

  • signatures

  • subscriptions


Portal users only have read/view access, and will not be able to edit any documents in the database.

Provide portal access to customers

From the main Flectra dashboard, select the Contacts application. If the contact is not yet created in the database, click on the Create button, enter the details of the contact, and then click Save. Otherwise, choose an existing contact, and then click on the Action drop-down menu located at the top-center of the interface.

Use the Contacts application to give portal access to users

Then select Grant portal access. A pop-up window appears, listing three fields:

  • Contact: the recorded name of the contact in the Flectra database

  • Email: the contact’s email address that they will use to log into the portal

  • In Portal: whether or not the user has portal access

To grant portal access, first enter the contact’s Email they will use to log into the portal. Then, check the box under the In Portal column. Optionally, add text to the invitation message the contact will receive. Then click Apply to finish.

An email address and corresponding checkbox for the contact need to be filled in before sending a portal invitation.

An email will be sent to the specified email address, indicating that the contact is now a portal user for that Flectra database.


To grant portal access to multiple users at once, navigate to a company contact, then click Action ‣ Grant portal access to view a list of all of the company’s related contacts. Check the box under the In Portal column for all the contacts that need portal access, then click Apply.


At any time, portal access can be revoked by navigating to the contact, clicking Action ‣ Grant portal access, and then unselecting the checkbox under the In Portal column and clicking Apply.