Reports for a Better Support

An efficient customer service solution should have a built-in reporting option. Reports allow you to track trends, identify areas for improvement, manage employees’ workloads and, most importantly, meet your customer’s expectations.


Some examples of the reports Flectra Helpdesk can generate include:

  • The number of tickets grouped by team and ticket type.

In this manner, you are able to evaluate which ticket types have been the most frequent ones, plus the workload of your teams.
Apply Time Ranges if you would like to make comparisons to a Previous Period or a Previous Year.
View of a helpdesk ticket analysis by team and ticket type in Flectra Helpdesk
  • The number of tickets closed per day, per team.

Get an overview of how many requests each team is closing per day in order to measure their performance. Identify productivity levels to understand how many requests they are able to handle.

View of a helpdesk ticket analysis by team and close date in Flectra Helpdesk


Filter it by Assignee to see Key Performance Indicators (KPI) per agent.

  • The number of hours tickets are taking to be solved, grouped by team and ticket type.

Check if your expectations are met by measuring the Time to close (hours). Your customers not only expect fast responses but they also want their issues to be handled quickly.

View of helpdesk ticket analysis of the hours to close by ticket type and team in Flectra Helpdesk

Save filters

Save the filters you use the most and avoid having to reconstruct them every time they are needed. To do so, set the groups, filters, and measures needed. Then, go to Favorites.

View of helpdesk ticket analysis emphasizing the option to add a filter as a favorite one in Flectra Helpdesk