Floors and tables management

Add a floor

Once your Point of Sale has been configured, select Table Management under Point of Sale ‣ Configuration ‣ Point of Sale. Then, click on Floors to create and name your floor and tables.

View of the table management feature. Way to manage and create floors for a pos Backend view of a restaurant floor. Table name and number of sits for each table


Don’t forget to link your floor to your point of sale.

Add tables

To add tables, you can also open your PoS interface to see your floor(s).

View of the floors menu to manage several floors at the same time

Then, click on Edit Mode (pencil icon on the upper right corner) to be allowed to create, move, modify tables, etc.

View of the floor management. Add tables, the number of sits, their name and their shape


To make your table easier to be found, you can rename them, change their shape, size or even color. It is also possible to add the maximum number of sits the table can have.

Register your table(s) orders

To register an order, click on the respective table. By doing so, you are taken to your main interface.

View of the pos interface to register orders

Transfer customer(s)

If your customers want to move to another table after they already ordered, use the transfer button. This way, the order is also moved to the new table.

To do so, select the table your customer is currently on.

View of the restaurant tables, one having a pending order

Now, click on the transfer button and select the table to which you are transferring your customer.

View of the pos interface and transfer button. How to transfer customers from one table to another

Register an additional order

When registering an order, use the + button to simultaneously proceed to another one.

Then, you can shift between your orders and process the payment when needed.


The - button allows you to remove the order you are currently on.