Efficiently Communicate Using Channels

You can use channels to organize discussions between individual teams, departments, projects, or any other group that requires regular communication. This way, you keep everyone in the loop updated with the latest developments.

Public and Private channels

A Public channel can be seen by everyone, while a Private one is only visible to users invited to it.

View of discuss’s sidebar and a channel being created in Odo Discuss


A public channel is best used when many employees need to access information (such as company announcements), whereas a private channel could be used whenever information should be limited to specific groups (such as a specific department).

Configuration options

You can configure a channel’s name, description, email alias, and privacy by clicking on the Channel Settings icon on the sidebar.

View of a channel’s settings form in Flectra Discuss

Privacy and Members

Changing Who can follow the group’s activities? allows you to control which groups can have access to the channel. Note that allowing Everyone to follow a private channel lets other users view and join it, as they would a public one.
If you choose Invited people only, go to the Members tab to add your members, or, go to Discuss’ main page, select the channel and click on Invite.
View of Discuss’ sidebar emphasizing the option to invite members in Flectra Discuss

For Selected group of users, the option Auto Subscribe Groups automatically add its members as followers. In other words, while Authorized Groups limits which users can access the channel, Auto Subscribe Groups automatically adds the user as a member as long as they are part of the group.

Use a channel as a mailing list

Choosing to Send messages by email configures the channel to behave as a mailing list.
Enabling this option allows you to Moderate this channel, meaning that messages will need to be approved before being sent.
View of a message with a pending moderation status in Flectra Discuss

Finding channels

Click on Channels (on the sidebar), browse through the list of public channels, and join or leave them from a single screen.
Apply filters criteria and save it for later use. The search function accepts wildcards by using the underscore character (_) to represent a single character.
View of a channel being searched through filters in Flectra Discuss