Discover the JavaScript Framework

For this training, we will step into the shoes of the IT staff at the fictional company Awesome T-Shirt, which is dedicated to printing custom t-shirts for online customers. The Awesome T-Shirt company uses Flectra to manage orders and has created a dedicated Flectra module to manage their workflow. The project is currently a simple kanban view, with a few columns.

The usual process is as follows: a customer looking for a nice t-shirt can simply order it from the Awesome T-Shirt site and give the url for any image they want. They must also fill in some basic information, such as the desired size and quantity of t-shirts. Once they have confirmed their order, and once the payment has been validated, the system will create a task in our application.

The big boss of Awesome T-shirt, Bafien Carpink, is unhappy with our implementation. He believes that by micromanaging more, he will be able to get more revenue from his employees. As the IT staff for Awesome T-shirt, we are responsible with improving the system. Various independent tasks must be performed.

Let us now practice our Flectra skills!


To follow the training, it is necessary to have basic knowledge on Git and a recent version of Flectra installed. If you have not installed it yet, we recommend installing it from source (running Flectra from source code).

To setup your development environment, you can also follow the dedicated chapter in Getting Started: Development environment setup tutorial.

The last things to do are: