Authorize.Net is a United States-based online payment solution provider, allowing businesses to accept credit cards.


Credentials tab

Flectra needs your API Credentials & Keys to connect with your Authorize.Net account, which comprise:

  • API Login ID: The ID solely used to identify the account with Authorize.Net.

  • API Transaction Key

  • API Signature Key

  • API Client Key

To retrieve them, log into your Authorize.Net account, go to Account ‣ Settings ‣ Security Settings ‣ API Credentials & Keys, generate your Transaction Key and Signature Key, and paste them on the related fields in Flectra. Then, click on Generate Client Key.


If you are trying Authorize.Net as a test, with a sandbox account, change the State to Test Mode. We recommend doing this on a test Flectra database, rather than on your main database.

If you set Test Mode on Flectra and use an account instead of a account, it results in the following error: The merchant login ID or password is invalid or the account is inactive.

Configuration tab

Place a hold on a card

With, you can enable the manual capture. If enabled, the funds are reserved for 30 days on the customer’s card, but not charged yet.


After 30 days, the transaction is voided automatically by