When Should you Use Packages, Units of Measure or Special Packaging?

Units of measure

Units of measure specify the unit used to handle a product. In Flectra, you have the possibility to specify the unit of measure in which you manage your stock and the one which is used when purchasing the product to your supplier.

Specify unit of measure for handling a product vs. when it's purchased.

Once a product has a Unit of Measure and a Purchase UoM set on the product form, Flectra can automatically convert the different units in the product’s purchase/sales orders and the orders’ respective delivery orders/receipts. The only condition is that all the units have to be in the same category (Unit, Weight, Volume, Length, etc.).

For example, a product can have its Unit of Measure set to feet (ft) and its Purchase UoM set to centimeters (cm). When a purchase order (PO) is created for that product, it will list the quantity in centimeters. Then, when the PO is confirmed, Flectra automatically generates a receipt and converts the centimeters to feet. The receipt will list the quantity in feet.


A package refers to the physical container that holds one or several products from a picking. For example, when a product is ready for delivery, its quantities can be separated into two different packages. In Flectra, the quantity of products in each package can be recorded in the database. Make sure the Packages option is enabled in Inventory ‣ Configuration ‣ Settings ‣ Operations.

On a delivery order, separate the products into different packages by setting the Done quantity to the desired quantity in the first package. Then, click Put in Pack to record the first package. Repeat for each package.

Separate delivery into different packages Separate delivery package details


Packaging refers to a standard container that holds several unit of a product. For example, cans of soda can be in a 6-pack, 15-pack, or even a pallet for the packaging.

In Flectra, packagings are used for indicative purposes on sales/purchase orders and inventory transfers. The main difference between packagings and units of measure is that packagings are defined at the product level while UoMs are generic.

Different product packaging examples. Package field on purchase order.


Packaging is also useful during product reception. When scanning the barcode of the packaging, Flectra automatically adds the number of units contained in the packing on the picking.