What can I expect from the support service?

5 days a week

Your Flectra Online subscription includes functional support and bug fixing services from Monday to Friday during standard business hours. Our teams are located around the world to ensure you have support, no matter your location. Your support representative could be communicating to you from San Francisco, Belgium, or India!

Our support team can be contacted through our online support form.

What kind of support is included?

  • Providing you with relevant material (guidelines, product documentation, etc…)

  • Answers to issues that you may encounter in your standard Flectra database (eg. “I cannot close my Point of Sale” or “I cannot find my sales KPIs?”)

  • Questions related to your account, subscription, or billing

  • Bug resolution (blocking issues or unexpected behaviour not due to misconfiguration or customization)

  • Issues that might occur in a test database after upgrading to a newer version

Flectra Support does not make changes to your production database without your agreement and gives you the material and knowledge to do it yourself!

What kind of support is not included?

  • Questions that require us to understand your business processes in order to help you implement your database

  • Training on how to use our software (we will direct you to our many resources)

  • Import of documents into your database

  • Guidance on which configurations to apply inside of an application or the database

  • How to set up configuration models (Examples include: Inventory Routes, Payment Terms, Warehouses, etc)

  • Any intervention on your own servers/deployments of Flectra

  • Any intervention on your own third party account (Ingenico, Authorize, UPS, etc)

  • Questions or issues related to specific developments or customizations done either by Flectra or a third party (this is specific only to your database or involving code)

You can get this type of support with a On Boarding Services. With a pack, one of our consultants will analyze the way your business runs and tell you how you can get the most out of your Flectra Database. We will handle all configurations and coach you on how to use Flectra.